At Syndicus NACON we are committed to helping learners of all ages. That is why we are currently working to migrate our business class products over to a STEM learning environment. We want to challenge our youth to use their analytical and reasoning powers to solve challenges set in a cyber environment.

The Cyber Challenges will be available to kids after their parent sets up their account. Cyber challenges will include things like:

  • Online privacy and protecting your child’s digital footprint

  • The dangers of email and phishing attacks

  • Network exploration and how to find your way around the technical network

  • Defending your home network

  • Recognizing cyber attacks

The idea is to develop the critical cyber skills of the kids and get them graduated to the next level which we believe is something like Cyber Patriot competitions.

We are working with local school systems to bring new capabilities to teachers. In the current COVID-19 environment the VirtualOnDemand system brings many benefits including the ability for school systems to continue teaching IT courses that used to require a physical presence in the computer lab. We bring a feature rich environment especially suited for Schools. Some of the benefits are:

  • Offers a Sandboxed environment that keeps kids safe

  • Hands on lab built in using Virtualization Technologies

  • Instructor tools to shoulder surf the kids work in class from a remote location

  • API to integrate into your existing environments

  • We are BlackBoard building blocks partner. If your school uses Blackboard we integrate directly into your existing learning management system.

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