Life Sciences Challenges Today

Life sciences firms face quality and compliance scrutiny. Your company benefits from Syndicus NACON as a strategic partner to:

  • Discover compliance issues

  • Identify technological shortcomings

  • Facilitate collective understandings between already-existing technological investments and technology users in the industry regarding the compliance and its impact on manufacturing

  • Make collective resolutions for remediation

  • Manage Data effectively and strategically

  • Understand how to assess your overall awareness of compliance

The challenges within the life sciences industries are increasingly driven by the following factors:

  • Research and Development

  • Economics

  • Demographics

  • Technology

  • Cyber security, Data security, and Product information

Syndicus NACON’s Life Sciences Solutions group helps bridge the gap between technology development and compliance challenges that the health care industry faces. to unlock the value of automation and new IT strategies. In doing so, we bring the key to the future of healthcare compliance and efficiency.

Our Life Sciences solutions include:

  • Computer System Validation

  • Compliance services and quality teams for good pharmaceutical practices (GXP)

  • Consent Decree services

  • Implementation services

  • Remediation services

  • Employee Training and Workforce Development patented tools

  • Strategic Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data consultation methodologies

We also use our Center of Excellence model with life sciences companies to establish and maintain good pharmaceutical practices (GXP) to understand and achieve long-term FDA compliance.

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