Health IT Challenges Today

National efforts are underway to digitize health information and exchange information electronically with the triple aim of improving health outcomes, increasing the quality of care, and decreasing the cost of health care delivery. Telehealth and Telemedicine need to be implemented, maintained, and upgraded. We know firsthand that these aims cannot be reached without effective health IT solutions, drug/device optimization, and the protection of health information.

Our Approach

Syndicus NACON is a team-based organization; our Health IT division collaborates with our Life Sciences and Cybersecurity counterparts to deliver value-based strategies and solutions that address real-world, complex healthcare issues. Our integrated approach will help your organization maximize its health IT efforts, which will improve patient outcomes; security; and local, regional, and national health interoperability.

Our Services

  • Ambulatory Telehealth Adoption Support

  • Strategic Health IT Consulting

  • Health IT Product/Enabled Product Development

  • Health IT-Enabled Healthcare Quality Improvement

  • Information/Interpretation of Federal, State, and Local Health IT Policies

  • Electronic Health Record Implementation

  • Program Management and Coordination Services for Health IT Initiatives

  • Management Services Organization (MSO) Services

  • Annual Wellness and Care Surveillance (AWACS)

  • Health IT Staffing

Telehealth Adoption

What is telehealth? Telehealth is defined as the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services through the use of telecommunications and secure video appointments.

Why should you adopt telehealth? Telehealth allows you to take your service where and when your patient needs it. Telehealth gives you the power to alleviate your patients’ stress in finding childcare, taking time off work, paying for transportation, or traveling in unfavorable conditions! You can minimize disruptions to your patient’s life while still offering them a vital service. Telehealth makes your practice more patient-centric.

Why Syndicus NACON? We evaluate each practice on a case by case basis to come up with the best solution. We then implement the chosen HIPAA compliant option and offer ongoing support with our HealthIT expertise.

Our aim is to help you adopt Telehealth. Since 2009, Syndicus has assisted healthcare providers with EHR Adoption.  Many of the same practices and procedures will be used for the 2020 Telehealth Adoption. Syndicus NACON continues its Healthcare Practice work and combines it with its training and communication tool, VirtualOnDemand (VOD). VirtualOnDemand will play a big part in the delivery of our services to Healthcare Providers in 2020 because it allows us to reach healthcare providers in a safe and secure manner.  Whether we are preparing a team for Telehealth Readiness Assessments (TRA Tool), or discussing Workflow Redesign, assisting Providers by conducting our proprietary Joint Technology Selection (JTS) Process, or enabling Providers with training for a new Telehealth Solution; VOD will make it easier and more secure to exchange “Content of Interest” in a virtual space.  Our Training and Communication Tool, VOD:

  • Allows easy access via any modern browser for telework
  • Creates a safe and secure “private cloud” for exchanging information
  • Enables instructors and MSO advisors to “shoulder surf” with healthcare providers and staff
  • Provides a virtual meeting room for ongoing classroom/office/exam room discussion with related materials and virtual equipment to be stored and used repeatedly
  • Stores documents and attestation spaces for easy retrieval, review and approvals that pertain to each Practice individually

As we move into the long sought after Telehealth delivery phase in America, Syndicus NACON is uniquely prepared to support MHCC’s desire to diffuse Telehealth across Maryland through the use of its EHR/Telehealth Adoption Practices, Healthcare SME’s, VirtualOnDemand (VOD), and existing policies, procedures, tools, templates and methodologies.

Electronic Health Records Implementation

Our aim is to help you adopt or develop health IT solutions in a way that maximizes your investments to capture, store, or exchange health data both securely and effectively.

Syndicus NACON has subject matter experts who can help your organization apply interoperability standards consistent with the goals of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative.

We collaborate with providers, hospitals, and health systems to connect to a health information exchange (HIE) program, allowing patients’ medical information to be shared and stored securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Appropriate and convenient access to medical records from multiple sources allows health care professionals a more complete picture, enabling them to make better decisions in less time, and improving patient-centered outcomes. Certified EHR technology is used to submit clinical quality measures (CQMs) data, a requirement of participating in the Promoting Interoperability (PI) Programs for Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Professional Staffing

Whether you are an accountable care organization (ACO), health research network, HIE, small provider group, or health IT developer, Syndicus NACON has experienced EHR professionals and clinical transformation specialists who will be an asset to your team.

Medicare Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Program

With the change to the Medicare MIPS Program, it is crucial to ensure that data is collected and reported accurately across the four performance areas. Our specialists can help as Subject Matter Experts, providing gap analysis, identifying workflow changes, and coordinating with the EMR system to ensure your practice’s system is configured to report on MIPS.

Health IT Consulting

Our specialists are highly knowledgeable about HIPAA rules and regulations, and have the technical skills needed to implement and refine a comprehensive health IT strategy. Our experts can help your organization develop a plan to ensure that EHRs and provider authentication is secure and accessible. Our specialists can help address Meaningful Use, MIPS, and value-based payment; patient-centered medical care; comprehensive primary care; and HEDIS. Our comprehensive health IT solutions and performance monitoring can ensure that your team can access and share patient information across multiple platforms, minimize downtimes, and lower operating costs.

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