AgriSciences Challenges Today

Finding qualified AgriScience and Farm Labor contractors has increased in difficulty causing growers and research farms to feel the impact of the labor shortage. In response, Syndicus NACON has developed the AgriScience division.

This division addresses grower and research needs as they relate to sustainability, food for life, and a more nutritious global enterprise.

Syndicus NACON currently holds:

  • Federal Farm Labor Contractor License (FLC)

  • CA Farm Labor Contractor License

  • Washington Farm Labor Contractor License

  • Oregon Farm Labor Contractor License

  • Idaho Farm Labor Contractor License

Syndicus NACON AgriSciences solutions include:

  • Staffing of farm workers

  • Support for research farms

  • Regulatory compliance services, for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and FLC

  • Work legalization compliance and assurance

  • Nutrition Initiative support

  • Greenhouse technology support

  • Lab technology support

  • Sustainability program support, alignment and expertise

  • Labor training and assessment solutions

  • Brand Ambassadorship programs and strategies

Our AgriSciences group also provides certification, safety and training solutions. Given the ever-growing needs in the AgriSciences industry, Syndicus NACON has scaled our AgriSciences solutions presence to meet industry growth and innovation demands.

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